Our Mission Make quality systems accessible

SUDOLESS is a modern company taking a different approach to offering digitalization solutions to fit your needs. Our expertise is for everyone - startups, governments, small businesses, public companies, individuals, non-profits and everything in-between.

We believe software can make a change in the world for the better. Despite the recent advancements in the field of technology, it is still fast paced and constantly changing market. Standards are still forming and we're only just scratching the surface of what's to come. For that reason we want to be there for you, pioneering and driving success and innovation on a sturdy foundation.

We aim to bring simple and sustainable solutions to the market. We believe that the best software is the one you don't even notice its existence. Software is meant to simplify everyday tasks and make life easier, giving us the time and freedom to do what we do best.

Tech Stack

Using state-of-the-art technology, frameworks and technique

At SUDOLESS we use safe and efficient technologies, from a mix of OpenSource, commercial and home-brewed solutions. Below are some of the third party tools we love and excel at using when developing or providing our services.

  • Terraform, Nomad, Consul

    Terraform, Nomad, Consul

    Infrastructure, Orchestration, Service Networking

    Nomad and Consul help us maintain and scale our services across the world with Terraform provisioning all our infrastructure; maintaining a high degree of automation, resiliance and transparency.

  • Elastic


    Logs, Statistics, Monitoring

    Using the Elastic Stack for managing all our services logs, events and metrics; giving us the power to quickly identify any inconsistancies or issues in our systems, and quickly react to fix them.

  • GitHub


    Automation, CI/CD, SVC

    More than a version control hosting platform, GitHub is the home for all our automated development and deployment pipelines. Each line of code is tested, and scanned for vulnerabilities before being packaged and ready for use.

  • JetBrains


    IDE, Development

    The IDE (Integrated Development Environment), contains essential tools for a developer. They assists with writing code, managing scripts, running tests and much more. So well made tools like IntelliJ are a big part of a developers craft.

  • Golang


    Backend Programming

    It's fast, it's simple, it's reliable. A great general purpose backend programming language, Go lets us develop sustainable software solutions that meet your needs and reach our security & performance standards.

  • TypeScript


    Frontend Programming

    When a project needs a dynamic, snappy and responsive frontend, JavaScript is involved. Typed languages are great and that's why we prefer TypeScript with our own set of libraries, and no third-party bloatware framework that will slow-down your experience or cause issues.

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